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I'm a misfit, my parents threw me out when they found out I was gay. Ever since that moment I have difficulties trusting people. It's been 4 years, but I still miss my parents and siblings every day. They tried to make it up, but I can't find the heart to forgive what they've done. I've been thinking of leaving everything behind and dying, then of leaving everything behind and moving to another country. Still I'm working my job and partying so everybody would thing I'm back on track. Whenever I go to a party I just stand there tapping my foot to the beat. People think I'm shy, and I am at first, but I can only be fully spontaneous when I know people much longer than a year or when I'm very very very drunk. I think I hate society.

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  • Its time to move on. Your parents wont be alive forever, and when the day comes that you stare at their gravestones, you would defiantely wished youd forgiven them and spent time together. Trust me, its hard to forgive someone, but if you cant let them back you are only making things worse.

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