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I really want to get a dog and already read some books about how to treat and train dogs and so on. but my job is 40 hours per week and I'm not sure if it's a good decision to quit it. I'm scared that it could turn out to be a big mistake for the long run. right now it feels like a dog would be the only thing to keep me sane ....tough question

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  • You don't have to quit your job and you can still have a dog. So you are working 8 hours a day ? I live in finland and here we all are working 8 hours per day. But you have to go for a LONG walk with the dog EVERY morning, so It can wait you the whole day. And after working you have to spend rest of the day with the dog and take It out for a walk again. This way everything will be alright. But if you don't have been planning to spend time with your dog after work, then you shouldn't take a dog

  • Don't give up your job for a dog. Wait until you are sure you have the time for an animal then decide. Plus if you quit your job, you can't take care of the dog. If you really want an animal start of with just dog sitting for other people, it gets you the chance to have a pet for a while but you can still go to work and you can do it in your spare time so you don't have to worry. Plus you can make some extra side cash if you want to charge.

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