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I don't know if its wrong what i do but yeah this is what i do.. Im a very attractive girl and a lot cute guys hit on me even woman.. But the thing is im kinda always be in relationship with guys that have never dated before or that arent that well looking. The thing why i am doing this is cause i feel sorry for them i want to show them what love is, and with love, i mean real love.. I dont play with their feelings or break any of their hearts. But i guess anyone in this world deserves to be loved <3

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  • Loner, you are doing a really good job in giving advice.. And you deserve more than just "im proud of you" you deserve a fucking high five than a 1 hour hug and than shouting out to everybody : heey people you see this guy right here-> He is AWESOME.... And by awesome i mean you, cause you really are a great person with such a huge heart.. Please keep your head up from this moment :)

  • Goes to you loner :)

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