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I am taking laxatives like hell, I really want to be physically pretty, I hate the fact that we have that fat genes.

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  • "Fat genes" LOL! Fatties will make-up any excuse to not eat salads and exercise daily!

  • there is not fat genes. there is slow metabolism, ok. but no fat genes. and laxatives won't help you, because they affect your colon, where water is extracted from the already digested food-mash, the calories have already been absorbed in the duodenum. (Medical student and anorexic speaking). laxatives screw up your digestion really badly, and will make you gain over time. So stop that! if you want to lose weight: 1. drink 4l a day. 2. eat lots of low-kcal, low-carb fruit, veggie and lean meat, about 1000 kcal per day. 3. monitor kalories, protein and fiber intake 4. walk 2 hours per day or more. you will drop weight fast without hunger.

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