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My girlfriend hates that I have no religious views, christian specifically and won't talk to me for long periods of time when ecerbit gets brought up. Even though most of the time she is the one asking why I don't believe in anything. I am very truthfull and honest. I just grew up in a non religious home and it is hard for me to just jump into a belief system like she wants. She says she loves me for who I am but I know she would rather be with someone she can relate to spiritually. I don't know what yo do anymore

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  • Run, run for you life. My ex was the same... I think you gf is never going to be truly satisfy and she's going to use that as an excuse. Not talking to you because of that? C'mon! If she really loved your for you are, she wouldn't mind that. And btw, people like her and my ex are so hipocrity. Go find someone better!

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