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As an architecture student, I find that talking to a foreign lecturers is better than talking to the local lecturers. They are more approachable and understanding. I have never get such encouragement before, what the local lecturers did to me was more like rejection and talk bad about how I will turn out in the future. Kept telling me that I shouldn't be studying this course and somehow, they didn't realised that their salary was the expensive fees that we student fu*king pay.

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  • You do realise that the grand majority of university funds are derived from either research grants or allocated by the government. The 'expensive fees' that students pay generally don't even cover the cost of the courses (including upkeep of buildings, teaching labs, lecturer wages, etc), and the remainder is made up from the two sources stated earlier. The whole fee rise from around £3000 to £10000 in the UK was not the courses costing more, but the government contributing less. The courses always cost that much, the government just decided not to contribute as much anymore.

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