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This is going to be a long confession but I really want to let it out. I'm a teenager (14). I have a sister. My mom is an alcoholic. The worst thing is that she doesn't stay home and drink, she goes into bars with her friends. Everybody sees her drunk on the streets. My friends pointed that out to me more than once. I think she is also cheating on dad, having sex. She sometimes comes to home really late and she starts to argue with us and she pretends she's more drunk than she really is. She also hits us and the police came to our house more than once because people reported mom. They keep saying that if they find her drunk and if she hits us again one more time they're calling the social workers. I really don't wanna go away from home! Mom says she won't do it again and she cries and says that if they take us away she would die. Do you think she actually is sorry and stops drinking? No! Even worse is that my mother called our home-room teachers from school to go to the school psychologist. You can hear that she is drunk by her voice. The psychologist said she has chronic problems and they're sending her to the hospital. I tried to do everything, talking with her calm or angry, ignoring her, relatives also talked with her, she went to the hospital few times too. There's just nothing I can do to make her stop and it just drives me crazy and I feel suicidal. I can't wait to be an adult to move out of this house. My sister is on my dad's side and I'm on my mother side because I know if I leave her she will go crazy and kill herself but at the same time I don't wanna live in this pain. I also lie when dad asks me if she's drunk or not because I just don't want them to divorce. Dad really doesn't like that and I know he loves my sister more. I'm just in the middle I don't know what to do. I'm crying while writing this. I feel so bad!

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  • I think your mom won't kill herself if you leave. People with addiction at the extend of your mom usually push and use anyone as much as they can. They will say and most likely do anything to keep using people around them to support her addiction as long as possible. The moment you draw the line, your life will get better. At this moment you are in an unfair relationship that is hurting you. Get out now.

  • keep strong, hang in there till you became independent (+18?). then go search for you hapiness.

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