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I have a colleague at my work place that is just annoying. Her desk is to my right and I keep seeing her with the corner of my eye leaning back and trying to peek at my computer. I was warned about her, that she is obnoxiously curious and chatty, plus she has the bad habit of provoking you to speak bad about the boss only so that she can go and tell him what she heard. Also, almost everytime I want something, she immediately wants it too. The latest example: I just bought a slow juicer to make fruits/veggies juice to drink in the morning instead of coffee. She saw my juice, asked details, immediately decided she wants a juicer too. Today, she told me she has already ordered one and will be delivered this evening. I can`t believe she would go to this lenght just to have something I have, because the juicer was 400$. And she`s willing to spend 400$ just to have something I have. Everytime we order something to eat, she askes what I`m ordering and then orders the same thing. When I bought 2 pairs of Ray Ban glasses, she bought 2 pairs the next day. It`s pissing me off, I think I should buy some shit.

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  • How dare she buy a product you enjoy using! The damned poseur probably listens to FM radio too!

  • its simple mate, she likes you :) tryna date her once and you'll see,If youre both single

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