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I have been working in a public institution for the past year. I now completely understand it doesn`t matter how smart you are, how professional you are, how dedicated you are or how much overtime you do. The only thing that matters is connections. Otherwise I can`t understand how one of my work colleagues spends half the working day watching movies and the other half enjoying a really-really long lunch out and still gets 3 times my salary. I hate it here. In this very moment, from my 7 colleague I share a room with, one is watching Game of Thrones, 2 are playing Candy Crush and the other 4 are somewhere out. Meanwhile, I haven`t eaten since breakfast because I don`t have the time. I`m thinking about quitting.

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  • Your are my twin. I know how u feel, coz I'm through the same thing at work right now. I have been job hunting for something better. If you feel that you can't deal with it anymore but consider a change of job. Good luck to u!

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