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I am in love with my best friend and i feel that is mutual. But i cannot be sure, and i am afraid to lose him. If its not mutual, i believe that our friendship will get over too.

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  • well it's a phase. he makes you feel comfortable with your own self around him. but trust me, it's just the comfortable feeling that makes you think you're in love. I've been there.

  • i had a friend once, though i always felt there was more than that, i was right, she had a certain ''intrest'' in me, she dumped her bf at that time because after she and i became friends she didn't like him anymore. after a couple of months i told her my feelings for her, and she didn't feel as strong as i did. that was okay, because we were still friends, untill she purposly started to act out, i was trying to move on, but stay friends, she instead tried to make me jealous. it happened a bunch of times untill i finally had enough, i told her that she was only making me feel like shit. didn't speak to he till months later, my point is, tell him, it's best, you cn stay friends with them, even if you are afraid, wich is understandable. just make sure that assuming IF he doesn't feel the same way, he is worth staying in your life.

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