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Im not a pretty girl, in occidental modern view, and im chubby but despite that i think i would be an amazing girlfriend. I am drama free, hate it btw, i like football and know about it, i like videogames like cs, need for speed, plus i have an awesome sense of humor

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  • Plenty of guys are into bigger women.

  • My little sister, is 5'4 and about 175. She has weighed more than me most of my life (I'm a dude) and she is homely. But she hit on men, with confidence and somehow that netted her more boyfriends during high school than i have in my entire life. She was dating the captain of the football team when she graduated. Confidence, just walk up to the dudes you want to date, and tell them you want to date them. Saying anything at all with confidence goes a long way.

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