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I have always been nice to people, and i've always thought of myself as the "nice guy" that I thought every girl would fall in love with. But that simply didn't happen. By giving respect and kindness to the girls around me through my years of school, I had always been "just a friend". Attributed with a scrawny stature, imperfect blemishes like acne (though it isn't as bad as others), and an a very odd personality, I found it extremely difficult to get a girl to even want to talk to me. But as I've hit my Junior year in highschool, And the cliche of "women dating assholes" is littering the school. The one girl I've known for years, and had a crush on in middle school, has been dating the same guy for nearly 5 years in an inconsistent "on and off" relationship. And through those 5 years i listened to her horror stories of how much of a typical douchebag he has been. When it was just them, he was completely fine, but when he was around his friends he was an utter disgrace to her, tried showing off by telling her to shut up, calling her a "bitch" or "slut", despite the fact that she is a well rounded, intellectual girl who has always respected anyone she came in contact with, not to mention beautiful too. She explained how all he cares about is football and how it has destroyed his grades to the point where he has been told not even the community college would accept him. And here I am, sitting there listening. I try to redirect the conversation to try and get her mind off of things by telling her about my love life. I got my first girlfriend in 9th grade, and I couldn't have been any happier. After years of trying, I was finally in a relationship with someone. I went over to her house after our first week of dating and talked with her older sister who told me "You are actually the first boyfriend -name ommitted- has had that I actually like, you're not a total douche." 5 days later, she broke up with me over text message saying "I don't think we'll work" and didn't give me a reason. After asking friends that she sits with during lunch, they informed me that the reason behind her breaking up with me was because I had apparently been "too nice". So after that, I'm waiting. And waiting, losing interest in other girls, just completely crushed. And one day I'm scrolling through facebook, and I come across a picture of this girl's kitten, it honestly looked as if it had been taken by a professional photographer. so I commented on it, and the girl comments back, and we comment back and forth over and over again until other friends are begging us to message eachother because they are tired of seeing the cat picture pop up in their newsfeeds. So I do, and we talk for about a month and things start to develop into something more, so I take my chance 2 months later, and ask her out with a hand drawn picture of her I made, using only a pencil and a facebook profile picture. She says yes, and both of us have been together for nearly 2 years without a single break up. I constantly compliment her, care for her, take an interest in her all the time, and do things most boyfriends would never do. I've skateboarded to her house before (she lives about 6 miles away) just to make her soup, give her a massage, watch cartoon network, and cuddle with her when she was sick, I've gone to walmart and bought a box of tampons, box of pads, 4 bars of chocolate, 2 packs of candy, and 3 movies for her when she had a bad period. And even then, I still greeted the cashier there with a smile on my face and said without even thinking, "These are mine" just as a joke. I explained everything I've done for her to this friend in class (the one who dated the same asshole for 5 years) and she said she was actually getting jealous of our relationship because her boyfriend would never do that for her. And i'm just getting so sick and tired of seeing the "Oh there's no nice guys out there, I'm gonna die alone" by all of these girls in highschool, we are out there, we always have been. But it has always boiled down to the same old ridiculous cliches of "Well he's really nice to me but I better go date an asshole, try to change him, get my heart broken, and complain that all guys are the same." We're not all the same. Just take a look around once in a while. Your future boyfriend who will actually give you the respect you deserve could be sitting right next to you in class. Idolizing you like a god, even when you're the one treating him like a peasant.

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