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I'm in love with one of my friends gf for a time. One night in a club they argued. She asked me to take her to my place and sleep together. After we went to sleep she started to stroke my arm. I asked her to stop, because a don't want to get hard. But she continued, and I got hard. She said we shouldn't let it that way. The next moment she was on me and we did it... on her period... Few weeks later she said, she only wanted a good f**k. I'm still love her. Even more.

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  • At first a said no, but when she started to give me a BJ, thought its better to regret that i've done it than regret for ever not doing it.

  • You fucked your friends girlfriend? The fuck are you for a friend, u act like she forced you to fuck her but it was your choice!?

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