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i think i have an eating disorder. i'm 5'6 and my weight is 119 lbs. i hate eating and in the last 2 months i lost 10lbs but i forced myself to eat and i gained weight again. i hate my body, because i'm fat and disgusting. i don't know what to do because i really want to lose weight right now, even if i know it's not healthy for me.

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  • See the doctor.

  • Listen, I know it now technically qualifies as a mental disorder but you need to get help, if you continue to starve yourself, you won't have the energy to get yourself out of bed. I'm a guy, and when my doctor told me that at 5'8", 122 pounds, I'm about as healthy as being 250 pounds obese, I nearly shit a brick. He even told me that I needed to gain weight soon, because if I didn't I could end up with a small chest cavity, and while my organs continue to grow, they'll squeeze my heart up against my rib cage until the pressure is so great I literally have a heart attack from the constriction of bloodflow... At 5'6", and 119 pounds, you're at a healthy weight, you're not fat, you're not disgusting, you're normal. You really are. And I bet that you'd look absolutely stunning when you're laying on your couch on a Sunday afternoon, in nothing but sweatpants and a sweatshirt, no makeup on, and watching your favorite movies. You shouldn't have to worry about your appearance as much as you are right now, it will only make it worse for you if you continue to stress out like you have been. Just relax. :)

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