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Lost my mum.. my husband (with whom i was in relationship with for 8 years) cheated on me and I am going through a divorce.. I isolated myself from all my friends for my husband and now I regret everything I did..This pretty much seems like the end of the world to me.. I feel soo very lonely .. I feel I cannot bring myself to love someone and I am going to end up lonely.. I try my best to lead a normal life but sometimes the depression consumes me completely.. I am scared.. I don't want to end up lonely .. I am from India and people are conservative in my community and people with failed marriages are looked down upon... I cannot bring myself out of this mess, no matter how much I try and concentrate on work and other things..

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  • That sounds really tough. Hang in there. I hope you can find your way to happiness again.

  • thnx all !!

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