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Why is it that some ppl find it so hard to leave their exs alone. And they say they're happy and in love with u but won't stop talking to them. Idk why I keep finding theses ppl. When all I want is some to love me and I will love them back ten fold. I'm not a cheater or liar. I wouldn't do anything to mess up a good thing. Is there any real faithful ppl out there. Like honestly true, loyal and not selfish!

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  • I am firm about being faithful and by being like this, I turn my back and scare girls that I encounter because they glance back at their past and realise they are not fit for me... maybe its just this sexually extremist generation that has done this to us.

  • But why are u selfish? Why not be true. I kno mistakes are made but really there are no mistakes Cuz everyone knos what they are doin.

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