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looking back 1 year, my life was perfect, now in the last 6 months i lost my grandpa - the man who meant the most to me - i lost myself in sorrow. My parents kick me out (took me back in when..) My boyfriend broke up with my. Me best friend wont talk to me anymore and my other friend is moving abroad. My x and I are trying to make it work again but I am not sure and I'm scared that i will be all alone this summer! And I don't know what to do!

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  • Being alone isn't bad, it opens up options and possibilitys you would not see if you were back with your ex. Mostly an ex is an ex due a reason. Being alone is hard, because in life you get pressure to not be alone, but it will also learn you who you are and how much you can build on yourself. Being alone doesn't always mean you are alone, and you might see or meet friends that will show you a lovely world out there that you get to explore alone or whoever you decide to share the moment with. Sorry if it makes no sencse, i mean it very sweet but I also realize i'm way to tired to type advice right now xD

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