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I think my parents are selfish for not putting me and my siblings first. We lost all our money and other properties because both my parents had drug problems. I had to send myself to college by finding a job and maintaining a scholarship. After every paycheck, they hound my heels to buy them stuff and pay their bills. I'm grateful they brought me up but I still think they're selfish for putting their needs first all the time. I have my own responsibilities and hopes and dreams for my own future but they're dragging me down.

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  • Don't give junkies money! Cut that anchor loose now! Also put a lock on your credit because shit like that will start getting bills in your name

  • My father re-married a woman with her own children-from-a-previous-marriage. Somehow, she comes first, then her children, somewhere down the line there`s my sister and I think I`m not even on his priority-list. Maybe that`s why he refused buying me a laptop for my birthday but managed to buy her daughter a laptop for Christmas. And I was in college when that happened, I could have actually put to good use a laptop, and she was in the 9th grade.... And this one time, I heard the girl (she was around 16 at that time) telling her mother she wants some new jacket from Burbbery that`s "only 900 dollars". A 16 year old girl used the words "only 900 dollars" for a jacket...That`s the moment I knew it was useless to ask my father for anything

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