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My parents love my ex boyfriend to the point where it's now 5 months later and they still think we should get back together. I told them I broke up because "It just wasn't working". When in reality he was emotionally abusing me, controlling me, and even once tried to force me into sex. I'm with another guy now who treats me like a princess and they absolutely hate him because he comes from a "broken home." It's getting to the point where I'm so stressed out my marks are dropping and I don't know what to do anymore..

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  • I know that feeling... My ex was the same, but he was pretty much perfect to my parents. When I broke up with him, my mother cried and called me a heart-breaker. I finally told her recently, without details, that he was pretty awful to me, and while she seemed upset that he hurt me and that I didn't tell her, she still didn't try to comfort me in any way.

  • i think you should just tell them , i mean ..don't think it'll make you look weak or something like that , 'cause in reality you are so much stronger for getting out of that relationship. so i really think you should tell them why you guys broke up , and how much of better guy your current boyfriend is , that'll teach them to mind their own damn business . and if i were you , i wouldn't really give a shit about their opinion , 'cause they don't even respect your decision of breaking up with him even if they don't know the real reason

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