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I love and trust my boyfriend with all my heart however thanks to a very bad past relationship I really struggle to cope any time he goes out without me. I try not to let him know but really the only way I would feel comfortable is if he is always with me. I hate myself for this.

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  • Ok obviously don't listen to that first comment. I'm the same way but I just tell my boyfriend that I'm feeling insecure and he makes me feel better. He goes out and I give him time with his friends (no texting or calling) and when he contacts me first he says something really sweet that reminds me I shouldn't worry. It's ok to feel like that but just don't act on them and become overbearing:)

  • Yea, go ahead a break up with him and let him have a life. Or just get over yourself. My brother's dating this girl thats like that. Sometimes he ignores her calls and texts (pretending to be asleep) because he just cant stand her anymore. She's driving him crazy, and he's about fed up. If this sounds familiar to you, then you need to back off.

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