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I have scars on my body and I am really ashamed of it because it is has became such a huge issue for people to talk about i. So today I was in school and some girls that are in my class were talking about people that have scars and how stupid those people are and they were making fun of them and judging them and saying that they are attention whores and should kill themselfs. I just wanted to say that people with scars are mostly not attention whores and it really hurts me to hear things like that cause they practically said that I should kill myself. It is never okay to tell someone that they should kill themselfs because believe me, we are not doing it for the attention because we are doing everything in our power to stop it and hide it. Saying we should kill ourselfs isn't funny considdering I tried but failed. It also is not true that we are emo or loners cause I am just a normal girl with a somewhat normal life but I just had some rough times in my life. Please don't ever tell them someone should kill themselfs or judge someone on something like this cause words hurt and what you say might come true.

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  • scarred people are beautiful..

  • I feel like crying... stay strong!

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