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I'm an overweight girl with an endomorph body type. Right now, i am so pressured to lose weight. Yes i do want to lose weight, but with the insults and judgements i receive everyday, i just want to sit down all day. There are people who gets motivated when they are mocked. But not me. I like to be talked to in a nice manner. It kinda makes me want to do things more. I live in a country where people judge each other a lot. I'm so emotionally damaged to the point that i imagine my pillow to treat me like someone special. Someone who deserves to be accepted.

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  • It's people like you that give me motivation in the gym. I think, "look at the willpower in that guy/girl. If everybody was that determined the world would be such a better place"

  • I am actually motivated when people teased the hell out of me, I am still trying to lose weight though, and I am happy with the results. Cheer up! Aside from physical appearance, losing weight is great for a healthy body.

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