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My girlfriend is pretty unstable. Im pretty sure she has Othello syndrome (morbid jealousy) and im sure she has some other mental problems. She causes and suffers from so much stress, its even damaging her organs. I finally got her to see a therapist and im sure it will help her and us. Because she causes so many fights and so much stess, i cant handle it anymore. She fights over nothing and i really cant handle it, because i am already going through a very difficult time and i need her in this time. But i cant count on her or give her more stress with my problems. She cant even take care of her own and we fight so much, she doesnt even hug me anymore. So every once in a while i meet this other girl, without my girlfriends knowledge. This girl and i only talk about my problems and hug and i usually cry. I will never tell my girlfriend but i feel im doing the right thing. I just need to rely on somebody and because of my girlfriends Othello syndrome i have nobody left. I just need a hug every once in a while. I do love my girlfriend and thats why im staying with her even while she doesnt even hug me anymore, i just feel i need to be there for her.

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  • Why are you with her? You are not a doctor and are not responsible for her mental health. You shouldn't be with her and she REALLY shouldn't be dating ANYONE until she works her problems out.

  • You're doing more harm than good by staying with her. You should end it.

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