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I have a girlfriend for 23 months, i treated her as a princess, spoiling her, giving everything she needs and want, giving everything i can do, she cheated once and we broke for 2 months, then she realized her fault and want us to be together again, i loved her so much, so i give another chance for us, loving her like nothing change,but shes now taking me for granted :( i have maximized my patience and understanding for her and ignore the taking for granted me,and then she cheated again,texting other guy and shes happy, i hate my life, i couldnt be happy for a while, i hope, i'll be in coma for a month and get away of all my problems.

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  • It's bad when we like a person who hurts us and doesn't respect us. is like an addiction, we know it's bad but still. We stop thinking and start to act only by feelings. You have to give value to you, you deserve respect! life goes on and you will not want to spend your life proving something to someone that anytime can betray you. You're better than this, i'm pretty sure! Believe in you and believe in life. Good luck

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