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My guy best friend is constantly talking about the different online romances he's having (he's gay) and my girl best friend is always making goo goo eyes and her brother's best friend. They both talk about all these guys nonstop but always yell at me when I talk about my boyfriend of 7 months (this was even when we first met) they treat me as an unequal and we graduate in two weeks I'm debating losing contact with them altogether.

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  • tell them to fuck off. and be like rick (insert bf name here) and I were thinking of going to (insert event here) and if they cut you off tell them fuck of and continue. then again asserting dominance may not be your thing. I was once screamed at by an alpha 4'3" girl i stood up and she nearly shit herself. 6'3" lols anyway be assertive and drop contact if you don't feel your friend ship s worth while. Then again they might be that way because you have A bf while they have several. When I was i middle school i dated like 10 girls at one time and they all new. mostly because i told them we weren't exclusive. it was a good few years and we all had some freaky sex.

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