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I write, that's what i love the most, i enjoy it more than anything else in life, but i need to get this off my chest now, I was in long commited relationship that ended three months ago, we were engaged and suddently out of the blue he said he needed to clear his mind because somehow i was stressing him, then he vanished... Im blocked, I dont know how to write anymore, I'm a romantic person, I'm all love, and I gave myself to him and that relationship, I feel like I wasted everything, dont get me wrong, I'm not depressed, I guess I should be since my fiance left me such a little time ago, but, I'm happy, but I dont feel the same anymore, I was able to experience every single feeling so deeply, but now when I'm alone all I want is to be able to bluntly tell him that he was the worst disapointment I ever had in my life, and that he didnt deserve someone like me, someone that without looking twice would had given their life for his... Someone that loved him sincerely. And that when he left, he took my words, my sentances and paragraphs, that he took it all and I hope he's happy now. :)

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  • I agree with the other comment here. Write a letter to him but don't send it. Look at it again a year from now, when you'll have a better perspective.

  • Well, apparently, you still know how to write – you wrote your feelings down for a confession. Ok, this sentence comes off a bit cross, but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. He took nothing – you can see it! - even though you’re feeling he took a piece of you as he left and that you’ll never get it back. Why don’t you write down your anger, disbelief, disappointment, resentment, whatever you’re feeling about this? First, it’s very therapeutic to slam your hands on keyboard (or abuse your pen, whichever method you prefer) and second you’ll prove yourself you can still do it!

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