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I thought a lot about what a relationship implies, and I arrived to the conclusion that the two times I fell in love, I suffered a lot and it ruined my hapiness for a long time. Now, I'm convinced that I'm not made for living in coople , I will probably die alone but it's better like that, I prefer to stay independant.

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  • I feel you, in some way. I too had a relationship that diminished desire in me to either pursue another person or fall in love (again). It wasn’t bad or good - but it showed me what a relationship shouldn’t be. But I think two people that were a part of your life once shouldn’t completely destroy any trust in another person again, because what you’re saying with this is, “I’m allowing myself to still be under influence of bad experience.” With resenting others you’re only proving how much of an affect your exes still have on you, even after months or years. I suppose I could go telling you “you haven’t found the one yet” or “they are many fishes in the sea” or “oh, you had back luck” or “there are good people around, you just haven’t met them yet” – but then I would be a hypocrite, as I’m still licking my own wounds and walk around mistrusting people. Sure, one person can ruin many things, but gosh, don’t allow it to dictate your life. There will always be bad experience, but only few understand that sometimes you HAVE to experience bad things in order to recognize good ones. To meet people who aren’t real friends in order to appreciate friends who stick with you and support you. To go through bad relationships to know what relationship truly is about. And et cetera. In the end it’s up to you how much you’ll allow things to affect you, good and bad. There’s nothing wrong with being single, though too many people stress the fact “single” as the most horrible fate a human can have. I know that I’m the happiest when I’m surrounded with my friends. Sure, they aren’t many, but the ones I have are “worth their weight in gold”. Don’t allow your bitterness of the past to haunt you forever, because if you’ll never let it go, you might one day end up truly alone. Even when you wrote “I will probably die alone but it's better like that” – no, it’s not. It just isn’t. No one should die alone. If I could, I would reach through the monitor and give you a one big bear hug!

  • I'm sorry for you it happend

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