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I don't really want to study medicine, why weren't you supportive of me going after architecture? You know I loved drawing and I was good at it. I remember the first words that you two said when I asked about architecture was that I couldn't compete with my cousin. I felt so dejected. Even though my cousin who is studying architecture and has an architect dad is so much more exposed to the industry, does it mean I can't compete with her? And what for do I have to compete with her? It's not a competition, it's not. Now it feels like a forced choice instead of my own decision.

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  • Follow your dreams...i did and actually in the same field and it felt great...good luck!

  • I wanted to become an mechanical engineer, but my mom tried to force me to study medicine like you. I'm really good at math because I love the subject, and I'm starting to like physics, electronics, and engines. I don't want to put all of those to waste. I'm glad I stood up and even happier because my dad and my sister are on my side. Even though I'm years away to get an engineering degree, I keep on studying because I always remember that incident. Stand up for what you want, because that might give you the "spark" that no matter how difficult it is to achieve, you will always try to reach it.

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