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Ok, so I was dating this guy for a couple of weeks, and he was extremely jealous of my bestfriend, and broke it off with me. I started to see my bestfriend from different perspective, and I begun to develop feelings for him. We started to hand out more often, because he helped me through the break up. He told me he loved me, and that he could not satnd the idea of me being with anyone else, because they didn't deserve me. He said that he wanted to try if we would work out, and I said I wanted that too, because he is the most amazing person I have ever met. We were spending all the time together during th christmas holiday, but things started to get very weird. We decited to take everything slow, and do everything right, because I really couldn't stand the idea of loosing him. I said I never slept with anyone before, and that I was ready, but wanted to be alone in the house, to feel comfortable, and he was okay with everything. His parents went away for a couple of days, and not once did he invite mo over, and I asked what the big deal is. He said he just wasn't feeling well. Later, I found out that he met up with some of our mutual friends, and was gossiping about how I don't want to sleep with him, which really annoyed me. But everything was okay between us, because we talked it over. After the break, we got back to school, and he satrted to act extremely starnge, because he stopped talking to me in front of his friends whatsoever. I asked him about it several times, and he kept saying that he wasn't doing anything weird, and apologized. We kept spending a lot of time topgether, and everything was okay, except for the fact that he wouldn't talk to me with his friends there, and than all of a sudden stopped talking to me so much outside of school, and we sort of drifted apart. I got extremely annoyed with him, and told him I loved him, but could't proceed with the relationship anyhmore, because I was constantly crying because of him, and the way he acted. He agreed that being together was not the best idea, and that we should go back to being friends. Everything went more or less back to normal, we still spent a lot of time together, but we kept making out, and I said we should stop that. 10 days after we broke up he hooked up with this other girl from my school at a party, and they started being a couple. I got extremely upset, because we stopped hanging out all of a sudden, and stopped going to school because they were kissing and making out all of the time. After I was absent from school for more than a week, he stopped by to see how I was doing. We talked for almost 5 hours, about the recent events, I told him that he broke my heart into million pieces, because of the way he acted, and that I really needed him at that time, because I was going through difficult stuff, and he wasnt there for me. He said that he never really loved me, and that I didn't mean anything to him, which I found weird, since we have been friends for almost two years. He told me he thought we should stop spending time together, like for the next monts, because he wanted to see where things go with this other girl. I told him I hated him, and never want to see him again, because he got me to fall in love with him, which is very difficult for me, because everyone I ever cared about hurt me in the past, and he knew that. I kicked him out of the house, and deleted his contacts. I find myself crying all the time, not being able to function properly, I miss him so much. I bearly get sleep, because I cnat get the image of him hooking up with this other girl, and thus lost like 20 pound in the past month. I miss him so much, and I just want to talk to him for like 5 minutes, but I know I can't.

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  • Sweetheart, I know how it feels, but you gotta get over him.

  • It's not that you can't, it's that you know you shouldn't. He's bad news. Very bad news. You have to know if he were to come back into your life, it wouldn't be the same. He's cruel; you don't deserve that.

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