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I'm all messed up. Near 40, and havent' been yet ended up on my sexuality. I really enjoy girls company though it seems like I can't make the next step. It's been years since I slept with a woman (which was nice and comfort), but then nothing else came up into my life. And here I am, nearly 40, no relationship and can't decide if I'm into men or women. I'm completely drawn to man's body and not so much into woman's. But I'm aroused with woman's body contact. (never been with a man or fooled around). Is it because women just don't give a shit about me and that's why I "think" I like men or do I really am homosexual.

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  • Men are very physical. You could be gay and still get turned on by a woman's touch. Try experimenting with guys and compare

  • Try it, what do you have to lose? Maybe after that or a few you will know what you like

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