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I feel like i've been born in the wrong family. Their personality is so different from mine. They all have narrow minds and knowing them, I know they will never listen to my opinions and all my drama(s).They always insist on being right, and things that they believe in. I grew up crying almost every night because i envy my playmate who has a perfect family. I saw how her parents treated her. She was like a princess. I knew i was never going to experience that. I never thought of having different parents if ever i was given the chance to choose, but right now i'm having doubts.

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  • Remember, that princess might have got the wrong family too. Anyway that's just a possibility. I also think the same way as you, and it's not your fault that you are born in the wrong family. In fact, it's nobody's fault. Who knows, but there might be a reason why you are born in your family. It might make you stronger, and more important, happier. Be yourself.

  • ow my god dont bitch about your family,they will be different from you cause you are a independent being.love those who love you and be yourself,be happy and above all be yourself

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