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I am 31 years old and starting to think I am meant to be alone. My last girlfriend was years ago and I haven't had a date since. Every girl whom I come across seems to friendzone me (though, the majority are worth friendship and nothing beyond that). I am not one to look for one night stands, but for something more meaningful. I crave for that woman to dance with my angels and silence my demons. Someone who can be my shoulder to lay on and be my coach in case I'm off my game.Someone who will be worth sacrificing.Maybe, it's only a dream.Something we feel is real when we sleep.

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  • you find someone, just unfortunately we live in a very shallow selfish society that encourages people's worst traits so people take that as a green card to behave however they like and still think there good. You'll meet a good one one day though, they are out there somewhere, dnt lower your standards to except stuff you shouldnt just so people can indulge all their weaknesses.

  • this is so cheesy that i can smell it but seriously read kuwlji's comment

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