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there is a guy which I consider my friend but lately he has been ignoring me and telling me that I'm annoying and should leave him alone... I have never felt so scared in my entire life and have no one left now. It feels like some sick twisted movie where I am one of the characters who does without knowing what ever happened and how everything worked. I just miss him a lot

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  • Leave him if that is what he wants, don't force yourself to anyone. Be positive, and look at his point of view, if you find someone to be annoying, maybe you'll do the same. If ever you found a new friend, don't be too clingy.

  • Never put yourself in the weak position. If he doesn't want to be your friend he can go fuck himself.and stop with the self pity .u don't have to have friends to survive just go out there and have fun,work on your self,be positive.you'll attract friends without even knowing it

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