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Isn't "Love" just some kind of religion without a God? There's no scientific proof that it exists and people keep saying they "believe in love" (or don't anymore). A penny for your thoughts, confessterino's!

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  • Interesting comments. Love sensation is, yes, created by hormones, but the actual _love_ we should be talking about is a choice. The sensation might fade, but these is still love if you decide to love. Kids these days dont seem to understand this. the ''love'' you are talking fades in about 2 years and thats when majority goes to separated roads. Love is not only the butterflies and tingling when being touched. After that its respect, gratefulness, being a friend/soulmate, support and caring. THAT is love. Kids dont understand these feelings so when ever i see a 10 y/o claiming to love someone i just want to punch them in the face - with a chair.

  • Actually there is scientific proof 'love' exists. When you fall in love with someone your body releases hormones giving you feels of pleasure and joy ( creating the butterfly's in your stomach effect). Every time you are close to this person your body will release more of these hormons creating a sort of love 'addiction'.

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