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Lately I feel like I'm the one putting in the most effort to the relationship. My boyfriend doesn't make the first move anymore. I always lean in for the kiss. I'm the one that says I love you first. I mean, it could be because we haven't had sex yet but he knows I just want wait until graduation but that's only in two weeks..it's only been like 7 months I hope nothing is wrong

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  • 'theres nothing wrong about that,miss. its just when the boy stops making the first move they just want the girls to do the first move. I, also have a gf, im always doing the first move then i got tired because she dont make anymove, she become remote controlled, or a voice command, i cant make her say "iloveyou" automatically or at her choice. what happens is, Me: baby, can you say " iloveyou " to me? and She says: 'Iloveyou" Me: "iloveyoutoo"...Got my point ms.confesster?sorry

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