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my frist time (im a girl ,17 years ), i 'had sex' i was raped. by my own grandfather.I was 9 i think. no one but me and him knows it, and my mom keeps insisting i go visit him and my grandma.. it always ends with me having a panic attack, and i just can't find a way to say it to anyone, i have never trusted anyone with that secret yet. but i almost told a friend a few months ago, but i saw the look on her face when i said "i have been raped " and decided to stop there and said i was just kidding.. thanks tho the 'anonymous' rule here, i can finally say it. I have been raped, by my own grandfather, and i will never see him again.

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  • You're a stronger person than what I would have been. I would have murdered him. Seriously.

  • thanks to you guys, i just told my closest friend about it, and she supports me. don't think i would have ever said it to anyone if it wasn't for you my anonymous friends

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