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My ex got pregnant 5 times. And she hide it from me until she got abortions. I'm over 35 and love kids. Now I hate her and I think she is the worst human being.

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  • But she is your ex now. So it means you'd have children with the woman you wouldn't have been with in the end. It's a great thing, you'll have children but with the woman of your life, not like this. The children would have been miserable with two parents who doesn't love each other. It was her choice, you can't judge her for this. If she didn't want children at one point, it was her decision. Her body. Her commitment for life - her responsability. She was not ready for this and it's a mature decision. You'll have your babies, but with a woman who you'll love, who'll be ready to be a mom.

  • It's her choice and she was probably emberassed as she knew you love kids.

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