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I loved this girl when I was in high school. The reason why I fell in love is because we do a lot of things together, like doing homework, staying in the canteen, and doing other stuff. I didn't fall in love with her because she was hot, although she is. The blindest thing I've ever done to her is to make her copy my homework almost every time and sometimes doing stuff for her, just to be with her, not realizing she was both putting me in the friend zone and using me. I never knew she had a boyfriend then until one of my class mates told me. I continued doing my blind stuff until one day before graduating high school, one of my classmates told me that all of her friends pitied me because I was so desperate of having a girlfriend. The truth is she is the only one I took seriously. That was the time I confessed my love for her. I just texted her; I can't call her, and there is no way I can tell her in person because that time she was miles away from me (let's say, a 5 to 10 hr drive from me and I don't have a car). Then she said that we could still be friends and stuff like that. I was rather ashamed of myself than hurt. I did all of that for nothing. I really hope I never repeat the same mistake again, and if ever, I hope I'd meet someone who'll never do that.

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  • Don't let one bad experience where you put your heart on the line ruin yourself. There are women out there that are going to use you but there are women out there who would never think of doing that. Don't be afraid to put your heart back out their. And don't think of it as you did all of that for nothing, you did it for the experience. Learn from it, it makes you a better person and it'll help make you stronger. Please don't let one bad time ruin you. You sound like the type of guy any good hearted women would want, don't turn cold because of one girl who didn't understand what she was giving up.

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