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I used to date a guy that was really addicted to meth, I had done it every now and then but was fine without it. He became really abusive when he was coming down. I met this guy that sold it and introduced them. I normally went and picked it up from him but one day while I was at work my bf went to go get some, he was so excited and was showing it to me when I got home, he breaks open the Lil bag and crushes it to do a line. As soon as he snorts it he's screaming it hurts. So I tasted it and it was pure rock salt. I called my dealer and he said sorry ur moneys all gone. So I drove over there fuckin pissed BC I was gonna get my ass beat BC of this. I knocked on the door and when he answered I threw gasoline on him from my car can I had in my car, he starts yelling at me and I pull out my lighter.I told him to make it right and I'll put my lighter away or I'll set you on fire and rob you, either way I'm getting my shit back. He went and got my money and I also made him give me an 8 ball that he had put back for him. I never felt guilty about this , and because of this a lot more people in the drug world around me respected me more. I went from "dope whore" to "badass dealer" real quick

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  • Should have got the eighth and then set him on fire anyway as an example

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