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I sometimes think I'm better than others. I've enjoyed quite a high education. Whenever I'm having a conversation with a lower-educated person, I can't help but think how ridicoulessly dumb they are. I also think these people should have limited rights within society. For example, someone with a lower education shouldn't be allowed to vote. They have no clue what they're actually voting for and it completely fu*ks up democracy. Furthermore, 'dumb' people shouldn't be allowed to have children.

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  • You think your vote actually counts?! Sounds like you're the idiot

  • Let's count how many famous people there are with a much higher education then yours and see what they think of you. Just because you have a high education doesn't mean shit, there are plenty more people who are always going to be smarter then you with and without a high education. Plus there are a lot of famous people who never even finished high school and are better educated and more successful then you'll ever be.

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