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I used to drive a taxi, I met a lot of my drug connections that way. Guys that were dealers used to pay me to drive them around and drop of the meth. I had a boyfriend during this time but was also getting a lot of attention from the men I drove, I didn't want to sleep with them but I would flirt and lead them on so they would give me a bunch of free drugs. They assumed I was a dumb slut who would have sex with them if they got me high, they thought they were playing me. But honestly I knew this and was playing them. I'd get them to give me a BUNCH of drugs then I'd tell them I'll call u when my bf goes to work, and then I'd take them back to their house and I'd go home and share all these drugs with my bf. I never felt guilty because I figured if they were dumb enough to think they could get me to do them for drugs and use me then I felt it was their own fault and deserved what was coming to them

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  • lol that's actually really cool. i didn't know driving a taxi was a good way of making drug connections.

  • what kind of drugs ?

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