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2 years ago, my girlfriend managed to crash the first brand new car I've been able to buy 3 months after I got it. I've been sparing for ages and as she was under influence I got nothing from the insurance and I wasn't even there! She bought another shitty used one I have to drive everyday to work (which is a constant reminder of what happened). I love her, we talked about it through and through but I think I'll never truly forgive her for literally burning down $18k.

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  • You are a better man than me because if that happend to me i would never speak to that person in my life. And no it isn't about the car nor is it about the money it is about the fact that she was so irrisponsable to drive a car that isn't hers when she is under influance.

  • Uff, please girls, as a reminder: don't come between a man and his car.. N E V E R.

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