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I met a boy and i think it was love at the first sight. we kissed and omg i had so many butterflies in my stomach..and now, after i told him i am afraid of getting hurt, he isn´t interested in a relation ship anymore, just friendzoned me. what he doesn´t know is, that i am crying all the time since that.

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  • you sound way too young and immature to be in a relationship anyway. Grow up. or not, if you're like 13, then stop thinking about boys and get yourself some legos because those are awesome!

  • If you tell a guy you just met you're afraid of getting hurt I'm not surprised he'd say no to a relationship - when you start dating someone you have no idea how it's going to go, chances are not well and someone gets hurts. If you tell him straight off that's gonna be big drama for you it's not likely to be worth the risk. No one wants to get hurt, but it happens, you don't need to explicitly say it.

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