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I was hanging around my step sister and her new boyfriend, she has 2 kids and one was mentally handicapped. He couldn't talk except like 5 words and he would bang his head on the floor when he was upset. She was doing drugs when she was pregnant with him and that's what caused him to have this handicap. We were sitting in her apartment and getting high on method while the kids were asleep. Later on she was coming down and the kids were awake and her son who was disabled was acting out. She got tired of him and grabbed a wire coat hanger and stared hitting him with it, I jumped up and grabbed her hand and stopped her. I must have had the look of the devil on my face cause I yelled get out now and she left. Her son was crying and just latching on to me confused and hurt screaming momma momma over and over again and banging his head on the floor. I eventually get him calmed down and I took pics of the marks and took him down o the police station and reported her, she got arrested and her kids were given to her mother to look after, to this day no one except the police know I was the one who turned her in , the cops said a neighbor reported the sounds and they came to check it out.

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  • As a foster parent I can vouche for this post

  • In my opinion you did the right thing by reporting her. But doing drugs with her while her children were sleeping is just stupid don't do shit like that

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