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i wish i didn't have internet. i met a guy and now i cant go on a day without thinking about him. its so stupid to like someone online

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  • i'm there too...met a woman last year over the internet, and since 8 months now we are friends, but from the first time we talked, i was fallen for her, sadly i didn't realised it untill about 4 months ago... maybe if i had took a chance to meet her last year in oktober.... who knows, but now that she knows how i think about her, and after a really long time talking... she said to me, our friendship will stay, but nothing more, and the sad thing is, this is the first time i feel like this for a person... i hope that i can move on soon, but untill then, i dream almost every night about her, and can't think about anything else more then 5minutes..., it really sucks, and sucks and sucks... have i said that it sucks?... but someday, we will be able to move on, i hope so at least ;) so long, Loner

  • Totally agree it sucks :(

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