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Just found out a friends daughter is self harming, as a long time secret self harmer it's driving hell into me that people are saying it's just for attention. I've met her a few times and she's lovely as is her mum who is a good friend to myself & my wife. Not sure what to do/say as I've kept my self harming a secret for 20 years and i don't want people to know but i don't want to not help a friend & her daughter as our friend is distraught.

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  • I used to self harm as well,my gf's sister threatens to hurt herself and I took her aside and let her know that its not worth it,to forget about what her family thinks and only think about herself.i told her its not worth it because it won't help anything.i didn't push or pry,I just casually let her know.dont push anything,she most likely doesn't want to be told what to do.

  • Maybe talk to her, whrn you are alone with her, i would not do this in front of her parents.. That could be difficult for both of you, a face to face talk, and maybe then you can talk with or for her with someone else

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