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I'm young and want to live longer and be happy, to settle somewhere someday, maybe with someone... But there is a part of me that is just--for some reason-- wanting to be at peace, and by that I mean... The peace of eternal slumber. That if I get a fatal sickness for example, I would be upset due to the fact that these might be my last days on earth, yet relieved at the same time. I can't explain it, its madness. I'm happy and you could say I'm having a nice life; I'm not suicidal or depressed but there just really is something pulling me to death.

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  • you're just not afraid of death i guess. i identify a lot with your words. i feel like they could have come out of my head maybe. our society is ridden in fear. midia and government all impose fear of death. but people like you and me,we are free,because death will walk by our side.

  • Ha! Time enough for Earth in the grave. Live while you're alive.

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