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I absolutely hate people that can`t figure right from wrong and overreact about it. I had to meet with a friend who requested my legal opinion yesterday. It was raining like hell. I drove to his house, called him and waited for him to come open the gate. While I waited, I played on my phone. Several minutes later, I call him again and he starts yelling that he came to the gate, shouted at me and when he saw I don`t hear him, he went back inside because he got wet. He wouldn`t come back out again to open the gate for me. I think he overreacted because from the gate to my parked car were merely 3m. Plus, it doesn`t matter that he got wet, he was at his own home, he could have changed his clothes in a jiffy. But no, he would rather yell at me after I was stuck in traffic for 45 minutes due to the heavy rain. No problem, though. I have a talent to cut people out of my life like they never existed.

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  • yes me too, so any needy people looking for my skills... cia in weeks, me too I salute you fellow sister/brother

  • Love the ending to this

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