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I have spent literally months trying to lose weight, finally got within just a couple of pounds of my goal weight, then gained 7lb in 3 days and I honestly have no idea how. It's not going away again. I don't know how to keep motivated to keep trying anymore and I hate my body.

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  • I don`t know what you did to lose weight. But don`t starve yourself in order to lose weight. If you starve yourself, the body will indeed go through your stored fat and you will lose weight. BUT this way you will re-program your body and the next time you eat, your body will convert that to fat, as a precaution measure in case you decide to starve yourself again. So eat. Eat healthy, lots of veggies, lean meat, no dairy, no gluten, juice vegetables mostly with few fruits (just for a little bit for taste, because fruits have lots of natural sugar which is still sugar). You can even indulge yourself to a low-sugar treat every now and then. However, the biggest point I`m trying to make is eat healthy, no more processed foods, read labels, if there are ingredients you can`t even pronounce, it`s bad for you. Stop putting chemicals in your body and you body will thank you.

  • He's right just keep pushing man.

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