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I honestly think, i would be a really good Boyfriend, I’m caring, I’m a pretty good cook, I love romance, I’m a good listener, you can talk to me about everything, and expect an answer and I love it sometimes just to be with someone for hours without doing anything, just be together and fuck the rest, but I was always just a good friend, I can’t stand party’s, or club or pubs, I’m not really social at the beginning, and sometimes my humor is a bit… awkward, I’m a metal head, long hair beard planning my tattoos ( so damn expensive )and loud music of course, maybe this makes me towards girls my age a bit repelling? I don’t know… I’m not searching for a gf, but I’m so lonely and would love it to have someone to cuddle and watch TV together, and yeah with the right person even a party/club/pub can be fun for me, but i don’t have anyone to go out with, and so I’m sitting at home, and don’t know what to do, go out alone? I’m too shy for this, even with alcohol, online dating? I don’t know, I was once said “you have a beautifull mind, but with looks like that… no way” I think my personality, is the best thing about me, and this is what people should know first, before they know my appearance, I was last year really fat, almost 150kg, since November I lost almost 50kg, but my confidence didn’t even grow a bit, and now I’m here and just want to be happy, I’ve had eough problems my whole life, that I just wish for that, no money, no house,I wouldn’t even need power or the internet, if I could just be happy with someone… thank you for reading strangers.

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  • Hope you'll find someone to cuddle with

  • I like you already

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